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Rock Paper Scissors datasetRock Paper Scissors dataset

sweetdata about a year ago 1.0.0 FREE
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CC BY 2.0
# Content Rock Paper Scissors is a dataset containing 2,892 images of diverse hands in Rock/Paper/Scissors poses. It is licensed CC By 2.0 and available for all purposes, but it’s intent is primarily for learning and research. Rock Paper Scissors contains images from a variety of different hands, from different races, ages and genders, posed into Rock / Paper or Scissors and labelled as such. These images have all been generated using CGI techniques as an experiment in determining if a CGI-based dataset can be used for classification against real images. I also generated a few images that you can use for predictions. Each image is 300×300 pixels in 24-bit color # Source [Introducing Rock Paper Scissors – A multi class learning dataset](


Train setrock-paper-scissors/train

Class Image File

Test setrock-paper-scissors/test

Class Image File


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