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World Development Indicators (from 1960 to 2019)World Development Indicators (from 1960 to 2019)

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CC-BY 4.0 This dataset is classified as Public under the Access to Information Classification Policy. Users inside and outside the Bank can access this dataset. Source:
# Content The primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially-recognized international sources. It presents the most current and accurate global development data available, and includes national, regional and global estimates. # Author The World Bank # Source


Countries development indicators per yearwdi/country-indicators

Country Code Indicator Code Year Value

Regions development indicators per yearwdi/region-indicators

Region Name Indicator Code Year Value

Countries wdi/countries

Country Code Short Name Table Name Long Name 2-alpha code Currency Unit Special Notes Region Income Group WB-2 code National accounts base year National accounts reference year SNA price valuation Lending category Other groups System of National Accounts Alternative conversion factor PPP survey year Balance of Payments Manual in use External debt Reporting status System of trade Government Accounting concept IMF data dissemination standard Latest population census Latest household survey Source of most recent Income and expenditure data Vital registration complete Latest agricultural census Latest industrial data Latest trade data


Indicator Code Topic Indicator Name Short definition Long definition Unit of measure Periodicity Base Period Other notes Aggregation method Limitations and exceptions Notes from original source General comments Source Statistical concept and methodology Development relevance Related source links Other web links Related indicators License Type


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