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World Development Indicators (from 1960 to 2019)
sweetdata 352MB 5 months ago 1.0.0 FREE
Wisconsin Breast Cancer Diagnostics
sweetdata 122KB 5 months ago 1.0.0 FREE
Census Income (<= or > $50K) (Barry Becker, 1994)
sweetdata 4MB 4 months ago 1.0.1 FREE
FIFA World Cup 2018 [Russia] (Games results and Teams)
sweetdata 55KB 5 months ago 1.0.1 FREE
Jester Collaborative Filtering Dataset
aakaashjois 55MB 3 months ago 1.0.0 FREE
IMDB Reviews Dataset - Large Movie Review Dataset
ybouane 131MB 2 months ago 1.0.4 FREE
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